Kairali TMT became a pioneer among TMT steel providers in South India with a legacy of over 125 years in manufacturing the Best Steel for construction with incomparable quality of product and service. 

Steel is the foundation and backbone of any construction. We succeeded in becoming the No.1 choice of TMT steel in the market with advanced infrastructure and machinery.

These are 6 of the endless factors that made Kairali TMT, Contractor’s No.1 choice in South India:

  • International Quality Standards

Kairali TMT follows international quality standards from the end-to-end manufacturing process of TMT steel bars. 

Our TMT bars hold high tensile to yield strength ratios with a unique blend of strength and ductility. Compared to normal bars, Kairali TMT gives toy tensile to yield strength ratios of more than 1.12. 

It assures better corrosion resistance due to the presence of a Martensitic layer on the outer surface and great elongation properties. 

Our International Quality standards and trust factors made Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) choose Kairali TMT to be their only conversion agent in Kerala.

  • The cutting Edge Manufacturing process

We use cutting-edge Thermo Mechanical Treatment on the manufacturing process of TMT bars starting from the extraction of iron from its ore, heating, rolling and formation of the reinforced bar, quenching, self- tempering to atmospheric Cooling at our fully automated rolling mills.

Kairali TMT offers a unique Tech-Fab feature providing re-bar cut and bend service to customers to get customized bars for concrete reinforcement, avoiding bars getting cut by unskilled laborers at the site.

  • EQR German Technology

The strength and safety of Kairali TMT steel bars are assured by using EQR German Technology while producing TMT Steel Bars. 

EQR German technology can keep you safe by absorbing energy waves released in case of unfortunate Earthquake incidents.

This technology helps in reducing the aftereffects of unexpected accidents or damage caused.

Kairali TMT Steel Bars’ unique strength and ductility ensure safety from seismic impacts, which is highly important to large structures like dams, bridges, or high-rise buildings as they are more prone to damage in a situation of an earthquake. 

  • True Pricing Policy

Kairali TMT is envisioned on making the best quality TMT steel bars revolutionizing the construction world rather than making the profit that lasts short. Kairali TMT Steel Bars are not just superior in quality but also offer great economic feasibility.

We maintain a true pricing policy on our TMT bars compared to other producers in the market. 

This is achieved without compromising the quality of steel bars produced in our factories or adversely affecting the trust we gained among our customers in the last 125 years. 

  • On-site Delivery

We stay dominant among TMT steel manufacturers in India with our on-site delivery service. 

Kairali TMT offers your TMT steels bars to be delivered at your worksite by authorized dealers, freeing you from the logistics hustle and last-minute fright management. 

Our strong distribution network ensures easy availability of TMT steel bars in any part of South India without any additional freight charge.

  • Committed Workforce

With Kairali TMT, you benefit from a committed workforce that works for hand in hand to deliver the best quality products and services to our customer base in India. 

The management and staff of Kairali TMT Steel Bars are committed to achieving the Mission and Vision that we envision by:

• Identifying the needs of customers and their requirement and supply commitments.

• Ensuring superior quality of product at every stage of our production process.

• Winning over customers’ confidence and loyalty by providing quality products and service.

• Committed workforce and regular programs to enhance their skill and knowledge.

• Contribution towards the nation by producing international quality steel.


When it comes to choosing TMT steel bars, Kairali TMT is your trusted choice of steel providers with factors such as International Quality Standards, Cutting Edge Manufacturing process, EQR German Technology, True Pricing Policy, On-site Delivery, Committed workforce, etc.

Opt for the Best TMT bar in Kerala to build your dream house or projects, for a great foundation is the paramount factor of any building structure.