Uncompromising Quality

High tensile to yield strength ratios

Owing to our international production standards, Kairali TMT Steel Bars have an unique blend of strength and ductility. The tensile to yield strength ratios are greater than 1.12. In normal bars, where the increase in the yield strength of the bars is accompanied by loss of percent elongation, Kairali TMT is superior as the loss is negligible and elongation values are higher that specified.

Excellent Bendability and Workability

Tough outer layer and the ductile core of the Steel Bars result in Excellent Bendability.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Presence of Martensitic Layer on the outer surface and formation of adherent scale file due to water quenching during rolling ensure better corrosion resistance properties of Kairali TMT Steel Bars.

Resistance to Ageing

Quality of the raw materials used and the perfect chemical combination helps Kairali TMT Steel Bars withstand the torments of nature.

Product Range

Size MMBis Standard KG/MTR. Kairali Values Kg/Mtr.
80.3670.3950.4230.375 TO 0.400
100.5740.6170.6600.580 TO 0.620
120.8440.8880.9320.850 TO 0.910
161.5011.5801.6591.510 TO 1.600
202.3962.4702.5442.400 TO 2.510
253.7343.8563.9643.750 TO 3.910
284.6854.8304.9754.700 TO 4.900
326.1216.3106.4996.184 TO 6.436

Weight Tolerance is 1786:2008

Mechanical Properties

Parameter (MIN)BIS Fe 500 Kairali Fe 500BIS Fe 500 DKairali Fe 500 DBIS Fe 550Kairali Fe 550BIS Fe 550 DKairali Fe 550 DBIS Fe 600Kairali Fe 600
Yield strength (N/mm2)500510500515550560550565600610
Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm2)545585565595585600600610660670
Elongation ( % )12161618101514.5161012

Chemical Properties

Constituent BIS Fe 500 Kairali Fe 500BIS Fe 500 DKairali Fe 500 DBIS Fe 550Kairali Fe 550BIS Fe 550 DKairali Fe 550 D BIS Fe 600Kairali Fe 600