Our Edge

Our products meet International Standards and our strong distribution network ensures easy availability in any part of South India.

Kairali TMT Steel Bars use the EQR German Technology which has the capability to absorb energy waves released during Earthquakes.
This technology helps in reducing or negating the damage caused. Structures such as dams, bridges or high-rise buildings are prone to more damage in a situation of earthquake and Kairali TMT Steel Bars’ unique combination of strength and ductility ensures safety from such seismic impacts.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing Process

Produced under the close supervision of our frontline metallurgists and engineers in our fully automated rolling mills, Kairali TMT Steel Bars are produced using imported quality scrap through furnace.

True Pricing Policy

Kairali TMT Steel Bars are not just superior in quality but also offer greater savings.
Considering the trust our customers have on us, we ensure any steel bar produced at our factory doesn’t compromise on quality. Additionally we ensure true pricing policy when compared to the quality and price offered by other producers.
Grade of Concrete Grade of Steel Qty in Kgs %saving in wt,over normal 415
15 Normal 415 112
15 Kairali fe500 102 13
15 Kairali 500d 95 17.5

Features of our Rolling Mill

The only fully automated rolling mill in Kerala

Reduction in wastage of materials makes it an environment friendly mill

Well programmed automatic manufacturing technology to enhance the operational safety

Automated cooling bed for obtaining better product finish, perfect straightness and consistent heat treatment and cooling

Quality Standards and Certifications

The management and staff of Kairali TMT Steel Bars is committed to achieve our Mission and Vision. We aim to achieve the goals that we envision by:

Identifying needs of customers and their requirement and supply commitments.
Winning over customer’s confidence and loyalty, by providing quality product and service.
Ensuring superior quality of product at every stage of our production process.
Committed workforce and regular programs to enhance their skill and knowledge.
Contribution towards the nation by producing of quality steel.

Consistency is our Pride; rewards a sign of growth.

KSIDC Award for Excellence in business for 2016
Shaktan Thamburan Award For Excellence in Business 2015
Reporter TV Business Reliability Awards 2015 for Manufacturer of Superior Quality TMT Steel Bars.
KSIDC Award for Excellence in business for 2 consecutive years 2014 & 2015
Vyvasaya Ratna Award to Mr Kalliyath Abdul Gafoor in 2009 for business excellence

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