Finding the best steel for house construction is a paramount factor in the construction process of any house.

Consider the following factors to determine before you choose the steel for your home construction.

Here is how you can choose the best steel for house construction:

TMT steel bars are undoubtedly the best choice of steel bars for house construction, among other choices available in the market.

Again, TMT steel bars come in different grades and qualities, showcasing differences in their characteristics and properties, making them suitable for different purposes. 

These are some of the must-have factors to check while choosing the best steel for house construction:

  1. Certifications

Make sure to check for quality certifications such as BIS before buying any TMT bars. These factors adhere to the safety standards of its manufacturing process. 

  1. Advanced Technology

Different manufacturers choose different processes in the making process of the TMT steel bar. Always go for the trusted ones that use innovative technologies in their manufacturing process to produce the best TMT steel bars for you.

  1. Multiple Choices

There are different steel grades available in the market like Fe500, Fe550, Fe600, etc. Always check which grade of TMT steel bars suits your purpose best and buy accordingly. 

  1. Corrosion & Rust resistance

Opt for TMT steel bars as it complements well the hot and humid climatic conditions of India. The resistance to corrosion and rust will ensure long durability and utility for the steel bars. 

High tensile strength, Higher elongation, good bending properties, corrosion resistance, weld-ability, etc., add up to the reasons why TMT steel bars are the No.1 choice of TMT Steel Bars for your home! 

Let us have a look at the three grades of TMT steel bars provided by Kairali TMT:

  • FE 415 GRADE

Fe 415 is the most economically feasible steel bar choice when it comes to the manufacturing process for small scale construction projects. The ability to be bowed into different shapes make it ideal for minor developments.

  • FE 500 GRADE

These are the standard TMT bar with good stability and elasticity properties. Fe 500D and FE 500S provide high seismic security from the earthquake, making them the ideal choice of TMT Steel bars for constructing private and business buildings. 

Other commonly used grades include FE 500D and FE 500S which possess a higher ductility and seismic stability compared to others.

  • FE 550 GRADE

These TMT steel bars have greater tensile strength than 500D, and the scope of application varies from mechanical scaffolding. They are best suitable for underground and marine region construction purposes. 

Fe 550 D are the popular choice of TMT steel bars for areas that require a higher rate of elongation properties.

  • FE 600 GRADE

FE 600 is the toughest of all the three grades of TMT steel bars we provided. They offer the best elasticity and guarantee from steel clogging inside and, therefore, the best TMT steel bars for a strong foundation for extra-large ventures such as metro, towers, mechanical zones, etc. 

Now that you know the characteristics and properties of different TMT steel bars provided by Kairali TMT, you must have understood that FE 500 is the standard choice of TMT steel bars for house constructions.

And based on the size and nature of construction requirements, you can choose from our different grades of TMT steel bars.

Best TMT steel bars for home construction from Kairali TMT: 

Kairali TMT Steel Bars use the EQR German Technology to manufacture our TMT steel bars, giving them the capability to absorb energy waves released during Earthquakes.

They are produced under the close supervision of our frontline metallurgists and engineers in our fully automated rolling mills; Kairali TMT Steel Bars are produced using imported quality scrap through a furnace.

Our TMT steel bars are made with the only fully automated rolling mill in Kerala with an automated cooling bed for obtaining a better product finish, perfect straightness, and consistent heat treatment and cooling.

Next time you look for steel bars for home construction, choose the best TMT steel bar in Kerala from Kairali TMT, the No.1 TMT bar manufacturer in Kerala


  • Which TMT grade is best for house construction?
  • Fe 500 grade is the standard choice of TMT steel bars recommended by us for house constructions and commercial buildings, Fe550 for bridges and other large construction, and Fe 600 for big industrial projects. Based on the size and nature of construction requirements, you can choose from different grades of TMT steel bars as all TMT steel bars are best for construction. 

  • Which steel bar is the best for house construction?
  • TMT steel bars or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are the best for house construction due to high tensile to yield strength, ductility, weldability, lightweight, corrosion & fire resistance, etc. 

  • Which is better TMT or TMX?
  • TMT bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated bars mainly used for civil constructions purposes. TMX steel is a High-quality TMT bar. Thermax technology is used in the manufacturing process of these bars.TMX bars are used for high-end TMT bar requirements. From the cost point of view, TMT bars are most preferred by constructors. 

  • Which is the best quality steel?
  • Thermo Mechanically treated bars or TMT bars are the best quality steels for any construction purposes 

  • Which is the best steel for construction in Kerala?
  • Kairali TMT offers the best quality TMT steel bars for construction in Kerala with a legacy of over 125 years in manufacturing and distributing steel bars all over South India. 

  • Which size of TMT bar is good for construction?
  • The sizes of TMT bars used for stair-ups and slabs are usually 8mm-10mm size bars. For beams and columns, 12mm-25mm size bars are used. Other large-sized constructions such as dams and bridges require 32mm-36mm size bars. 

  • Which is better Fe500 and Fe500D?
  • Fe500 and Fe500D TMT bars are both the best TMT steel bars for construction projects. The tensile strength of Fe500 and Fe500D remains the same. But, Fe500D TMT bars have greater ductile strength compared to Fe500 TMT bars, making it more preferable where ductility is a primary factor of consideration.