Constructions works tend to hit a bumpy road during monsoon season. 

The obvious unfavorable conditions that come along with heavy rain are one of the major causes of it. 

The best way to ensure safe construction during the rainy season is to have your preventive measures intact with a strong action plan.

Let Us Discuss 6 Effective Ways to Ensure Safe Construction during This Rainy Season.

  1. Foresee & Preplan

We cannot stress the importance of having a system in place to foresee any unexpected occurrences that can disrupt the construction process during the rainy season. The ability to foresee the disruptions allows us to stay prepared with suitable preventive measures. 

We know the monsoon season arrives every year at almost the same time; this allows us to prepare for the changes to be brought in all necessary aspects of construction in monsoon. 

  1. Set Strong Foundation

A strong foundation goes a long way. Build a foundation using the best TMT steel bars that stay durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions like continuous rain. 

If the foundation is not strong enough to withstand rain, all the other preventive measures you take may fail.

It is important to wait till the water dries before pouring concrete to build the foundation to avoid it getting weak due to the presence of water in it. 

  1. Worker’s Safety

Needless to say, workers are the most valuable asset in any construction operation. 

Ensuring their safety during monsoon weather conditions is therefore vital for the uninterrupted functioning of the construction process.

To start with, ensure the workers are fitted with waterproof neon clothes that can keep them safe and visible in case of bad vicinity caused by cloudy weather during monsoon season. The workers are advised to wear clothing that protects them and allows them to move freely, boots with a good grip, and gloves to protect their legs and hands.

  1. Equipment’s Safety

Several small and heavy equipment will be used for the construction purpose. And most of them will be made using metals that can be corroded or damaged if exposed to rain for a long time. It is necessary to keep the equipment safe from rain to avoid the same. 

But it is not practical to move the heavy equipment back and forth for continuous construction. Temporary tarps are one of the most cost-efficient methods to keep the equipment up and running without any damage in such cases.

  1. Electrical Safety

The construction process involves a lot of electrical work. It becomes increasingly dangerous to handle electricity during rain as water is highly conductive of electricity, and the chance of an electrical break out is very high. 

Ensure the safety of electrical wires and avoid short circuits by installing proper protective covers on everything you feel can cause an electrical accident. It is also advised to create awareness among workers about the importance of ensuring electrical safety.

  1. Damage Control

No matter how much we keep all the preventive measures in place, some accidents or mishaps are bound to happen at a construction site. Keeping that in mind, make an open communication channel for passing the information fast in case of any danger alert.

Damage control should always be ready to intervene and investigate in case of any accidents to avoid them worsening and becoming hard to control. 

If you have these 6 effective ways cleared, It is possible to complete your construction process in the monsoon without any added hustle.