As we already know, Corrosion resistance is an inevitable factor for TMT Steel Bar due to the apparent reason that they are the core foundation of any building structure. 

The applications of TMT Steels bar range from building houses and industrial structures to dams, flyovers, and much more.

The formation of rust particles in steel bars will eventually corrode and begin to break from inside, causing cracking of concrete. 

Therefore, these TMT bars must stay solid and uncompromised with high tensile strength and durability even in areas prone to humid conditions.

The thermo-mechanical treatment by which the TMT steel bar is manufactured ensures excellent rust and corrosion resistance properties in them. 

What Are the Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Tmt Steel Bar?

Let us take you through some of the primary reasons why is it essential to make certain corrosion resistance in your TMT Steel Bar:

  • High Tensile to yield strength

High Tensile strength improves the performance of your TMT Steel bar with a ratio greater than 1.12.

  • Durability

It showcases better durability compared to normal steel bars due to corrosion and rust resistance. 

  • Ductility, Bendability, Weldability

Corrosion-resistant TMT steel bars offer improved Ductility, Bendability, and Weldability for a varied range of TMT steel bar applications in construction. 

  • Ability to withstand extreme conditions

Corrosion resistance ensures the ability to withstand groundwater and air with the presence of salt, acid particles, etc. 

  • Suitable for Seismic Areas

Corrosion-resistant TMT steel bars keep building structures safe in seismic zones from unfortunate incidents

Points to Remember while buying Corrosion Resistant TMT Steel Bar?

It is important to set priorities straight before buying a corrosion-resistant steel bar. These are some of the key points to keep in mind while buying a Corrosion-resistant TMT steel Bar.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

Always go for a trusted manufacturer with a credible background and experience in the field. It is possible to become a victim of a cheap steel bar in the name of a TMT steel bar if you are not a steel expert. Choosing the best TMT steel bar manufacturer simply saves you from this kind of fraudulency. 

  • Quality Check

Conduct a mandatory quality check with the help of industry experts before choosing the best corrosion-resistant TMT Steel bar for construction. Their steels must meet international quality standards in terms of strength, durability, materials, manufacturing process, rolling mills, etc.  

  • Suitable Grade

You need to choose the best suitable grade of TMT steel bar to ensure maximum corrosion and rust resistance. Fe 500 and Fe 550D are the ideal grade choice of TMT steel bars for construction near coastal and other moisture-prone areas.  

  • Certifications

Check for various certifications to ensure the credibility and authenticity of the TMT steel bar. These certifications also help us understand if the TMT steel bar is actually corrosion-resistant or not.

Corrosion Resistant TMT Steel Bar from Kairali TMT

Kairali TMT is the best TMT Steel bar manufacturer in Kerala, that provides the best corrosion-resistant TMT steel bar with International Quality standards, Cutting edge manufacturing process, EQR German technology, etc. 

The presence of Martensitic Layer on the outer surface and formation of adherent scale file due to water quenching during rolling ensure better corrosion resistance properties of Kairali TMT Steel Bar.