Living as a joint family in a single house is indeed special, but what’s more special is owning a house just for your family, isn’t it? 

So, how much does it cost to construct a house in India? Are you wondering the same? 

Well, to put it briefly, the cost can vary because there are a lot of factors involved in it. 

However, we have compiled a list of data below that shows the cost of building a home.  

Take a look. 

Disclaimer: All the data are obtained from secondary sources and our interaction with multiple architects. These are just approximate figures and the cost can vary according to various factors. 

House Construction Cost Per Sq. Ft. in India

ComponentApproximate Cost
Civil Work₹1500 per sq. ft
Electrical Work ₹90 – ₹100 per sq. ft
Plumbing₹90 – ₹110 per sq. ft
Brick Wall (With RCC)₹900 per sq. ft.
Brick Wall (Without RCC)₹800 per sq. ft.
Material Cost₹10 – ₹15 Lakhs 
Labour Cost₹300 – ₹500 per sq. ft.
Architect’s Fee Around 10% of the total construction cost
Extras (Building Approval, Temporary EB, Excavation, Sintex Tank, Septic Tank, Interior Design, Elevation)₹6 – ₹7 Lakhs

Source: (Civil Engineering – Shylus Updates)

You can consider the above-given cost as the average. 

As we said earlier, these costs can fluctuate according to the state you live in or plan to build the house in. The cost can vary even from district to district. 

Also, this depends on:

  • The number of the furniture
  • Quality of the furniture
  • Types and quantity of fixtures
  • The quality of the fixtures 

Construction Rate Per Sq. Ft. With Material for 1000 Sq. Ft. 3 BHK House

To be precise, the average construction for a 1000 sq. ft. house can range between ₹25 – ₹30 Lakhs.

View the detailed breakdown below. 

ComponentCost Per Unit / sq. ft. Quantity Required for 1000 Sq. ft. House (Approximate)Total Cost
Cement₹400 – ₹420/bag400 Bags ₹168,000
TMT Steel Bars₹80/kg3000 Kgs₹240,000
M-Sand₹3000 – ₹3500/unit20-24 Units₹60,000
P-Sand₹3800/unit6-8 Units₹30,400
20mm Aggregate₹2500 – ₹3500/unit14-15 Units₹37,500
40mm Aggregate₹2000 – ₹3000 Units4-5 Units₹8000
Gravel₹1500 – ₹1800/unit26 units₹46,800
Bricks₹10.50/Chamber Brick20,000 – 22,000 Nos₹231,000
Wood Works + Furnishing₹200,000 – ₹300,000For 3BHK House₹225,000
Electrical (Material + Labour)₹90 – ₹100/sq. ft.N/A₹90,000
Plumbing (Materials + Labour)₹100 – ₹110/sq. ft.N/A₹85,000
Painting (Materials + Painter’s Fee)₹100/sq. ft.Approx₹100,000
Flooring₹55/sq. ft.1000 Sq. ft₹80,000
Wall Tiles (For Kitchen and Bathrooms)₹45/sq. ft.500 sq. ft.₹22,500
Granite₹110 – ₹120/ sq. ft50 ft (For Kitchen Countertop)₹6000.
Total Cost of Materials₹14,430,200
Additional Labour Charges₹350-400/sq.ft.1000 sq. ft.₹400,000

– Building Approval
– Design Fees
– Temporary EB
– Excavation
– Borewell
– Staircase
– Septic Tank
– Sintex Tank
– Compound Wall
– Interior Design
– Elevation
– Gates
– Underground Water
– Tank
– Sump
N/AN/A₹600,000 – ₹700,000
Total Cost to Construct the House₹25,30,200

Disclaimer: All the figures mentioned above are approximate. The cost will vary according to the location, quality of the materials, experience of the architect/contractor and more.

800 Sq. Ft. House Construction Cost

An average quality house can cost around ₹1700 per sq. ft. 

For a good quality house, you can expect the cost to be around ₹1850.

For a premium quality house, the cost can range around ₹2100. 

1500 Sq. Ft. House Construction Cost

Based on the data we have collected, it can cost between ₹25,00,000 and ₹35,00,000 including everything from materials, labour charges and finishing. Note that this can vary according to various factors like location, quality of the materials and more.

1800 Sq. Ft. House Construction Cost India

For an 1800 sq. ft. house, the cost to construct can range from ₹35,00,000+ to around ₹40,00,000 or ₹45,00,000. This is just an approximate cost. 

Labour Cost For House Construction Per Sq Ft 

ComponentApproximate Cost
Building Structure₹140 – ₹200 per sq. ft.
Finishing Works₹70 – 100
Excavation WorksRs 10-12 per cubic ft.

Cost of RCC Roof Per Sq. Ft.

In general terms, the cost to build an RCC roof ranges from ₹180 to ₹200 per sq. ft.

This includes steel, labour, shuttering and material costs. 

Cost of RCC Slab Per Sq. Ft.

An RCC concrete slab in India typically costs around Rs. 180-200 per square foot. This price includes labour, materials like steel, and supplies. But, the final cost can change depending on various factors. To get a more accurate estimate, it’s recommended to consult an architect or contractor.


In brief, it’s difficult to say the exact construction cost of a house in India since there are many variables involved. On average, you can expect the cost to be between ₹20 – ₹30 Lakhs. The best bet to get a more accurate cost is to consult with an architect or contractor in your locality. 

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