People often tell their opinion without checking the facts. The story is the same when it comes to TMT Steel Bars as well. 

In this blog, we list out 10 myths about TMT Steel Bars and the truth behind them. 

As one of the leading TMT steel bar manufacturers in India, we believe that it’s our duty to debunk myths and educate people about the facts about TMT steel bars.

Let’s dive in. 

10 Myths About TMT Steel Bars and Their Facts

1.TMT bars are not strong as the companies claimTMT bars are stronger and more durable than traditional steel bars due to the thermo-mechanical treatment they undergo during manufacturing.
2.TMT bars are prone to corrosion.TMT bars are highly corrosion-resistant due to the special treatment they undergo during manufacturing, which creates a protective layer around the steel.
3.TMT bars are not suitable for earthquake-prone areas.TMT bars are ideal for earthquake-prone areas as they have high strength and ductility, which makes them more resistant to earthquakes. For example, we use EQR German Technology for our products to make them earthquake-resistant.
4. TMT bars are difficult to bend.TMT bars can be easily bent to the desired shape without any cracks or damage due to their high ductility.
5. TMT bars cannot be welded.TMT bars can be welded using standard welding techniques, but it is important to follow the correct welding procedures to maintain the strength and durability of the bars
6. TMT bars are more expensive than traditional steel bars.While TMT bars may be slightly more expensive than traditional steel bars, their strength and durability make them a better investment in the long run
7. TMT bars require special storage conditions.TMT bars can be stored in the same conditions as traditional steel bars, provided they are not exposed to moisture.
8.TMT bars are not suitable for coastal areas.TMT bars are highly resistant to corrosion and are ideal for use in coastal areas.
9.TMT bars cannot be cut using standard cutting tools.TMT bars can be cut using standard cutting tools such as hacksaws or angle grinders.
10. TMT bars have a shorter lifespan than traditional steel bars.TMT bars have a longer lifespan than traditional steel bars due to their superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.


So, that’s that. We believe that now you are aware of the truths and won’t fall for the myths. TMT Steel Bar is indeed a compelling construction material, which is a go-to material for many builders. 

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