When it comes to reliable construction material, having the right balance of strength and flexibility is an important prerequisite. Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel or TMT bars offer a great combination of malleability and ductility. Among the four types of reinforcement steels, TMT is considered one of the most superior ones. The reason being, that TMT meets the standard toughness and strength requirements of construction activities very competently. 

To understand why TMT is so popular, the part of its manufacturing that makes the real difference, and the cases where using these bars proves beneficial, stick with us till the end. You’ll certainly get to know why TMT bars are worth all the buzz. Follow along!

What Makes the Difference?

The production of TMT steel involves the mechanical and thermal deformation processes to occur simultaneously. The mechanical deformation steps of compression and rolling along with thermal deformation processes like heat treatment followed by cooling occur in a single course during the production of TMT steel bars.

After hardening the metal by heating the core area, the quenching process is performed immediately in the air. This allows the tempering of the metal to take place, such that stable martensite is produced eventually. It is this procedure that adds toughness to the steel because it reduces internal stresses and brittleness. Moreover, since the process involves reinforcement of the ferrite phase, we obtain added levels of toughness in the final product.

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Why are TMT Steel Bars Popular?

In India, TMT steel bars are available in several forms and grades. All different types of TMT bars have certain specific benefits to offer, which make them a popular choice for construction.check these grades benifits for choosing best steel for home construction and industrial works

Benefits of Fe-500 D

Although the grade of these TMT steel bars is low, they possess excellent uniform elongation abilities, and superior ductility. Their remarkable resistance to ageing makes them a necessary building material for RCC projects in corrosion-prone areas.

Benefits of Fe-550 D

Builders prefer using Fe-550 D as it further adds to the advantages of the Fe-500. With an astounding 550 N/ Sq.mm yield strength, these TMT bars provide all-round benefits as they are resilient, resist dynamic loading, and are even resistant to corrosion. The ‘D’ here denotes ductility, indicating their superior elongation qualities. This is the reason why they are the best TMT steel bars for RCC constructions in earthquake-prone locations.

Benefits of Fe-500 S

The ‘S’ in 500 S denotes superior tolerance to saline environments. This makes them suitable for construction in coastal areas. These bars have a great tensile strength to yield strength ratio, which instils a considerable amount of toughness in them. They even provide decent protection against lateral shaking and can withstand large amounts of disruptive forces too.

Most Popular Use Cases of TMT Bars

From whatever we have discussed so far, it is evident that TMT bars offer all-round benefits for construction. It is the reason why almost all large and small-scale construction activities use TMT steel in one way or the other.

Since TMT bars like Fe-550 D possess extremely high durability, they are used in colossal projects like power plants, dams, airports, stadiums, highways, etc. Here, the main purpose of using TMT bars is not just to increase the longevity, but also ensuring the safety of the common public.

Building a residential complex in an otherwise non-earthquake-prone region will also require TMT steel bars. The malleable and flexible nature of these bars allows them to be easily bent or molded according to the construction and architectural plans.

TMT Steel Technology – Living in the Future

The TMT steel technology is a blessing for the world. From constructing dream homes to nation-building, TMT bars are the real pillars of infrastructure development. Kairali TMT steel bars have a rich legacy of over 125 years of serving the best TMT steel bars in Kerala. Today, Kairali TMT bars are the first choice of builders in South India for any construction activity.