Kairali TMT Steel Bar, one of the pioneers in the steel industry, is bolstering its grip in the industry by launching the Fe 550 XD variant of TMT Steel Bars.

Kairali is renowned for delivering high-quality TMT steel bars, and with the introduction of this variant, they are adding a stronger version of TMT bars to their offerings. 

The newcomer Fe 550 XD has a minimum yield strength of 560 n/mm2. The tensile strength of 610 n/mm2 makes this variant a robust version of TMT steel bars. Fe 550 XD also comes with an elongation of 16%. All these attributes make Fe 550 XD ideal for construction projects based in marine, coastal or underground environments.

Compared to its predecessors, Fe 550 XD saves cost by 10% since lesser bars are required to support the structure as it comes with excellent strength and load-bearing capacity.