Have you ever seen those circular protrusions on the surface of a regular TMT steel bar and wondered what they are all about? Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) steel bars are an important interior reinforcement material for concrete structures. These TMT steel bars bars have a circular cross-section and can only provide reinforcement when there is adequate anchorage between the concrete and the steel. To improve this bonding, modern-day TMT bars come with projections known as Ribs.

While ribbed TMT bar designs are fairly common these days, it is crucial to note that the quality and design of TMT ribs are of prime importance here. There are many must-have factors to check while choosing the best steel for construction Today, let’s learn how superior-quality grippy TMT ribs can become the difference between an ordinary building and a long-lasting robust structure.

Advantages of High-quality TMT Bar Ribs

Increased Bond Strength

The kind of contact that exists between the surface of the rib and the concrete part is directly responsible for determining the steel-concrete bond strength. Therefore, when ribs are present as projections on the surface of a TMT bar, concrete material gets inserted between two adjacent ribs and an interlocking mechanism becomes functional. This way, the bonding between steel and concrete gets enhanced and the strength of their connection gets increased exponentially.

Better Load Distribution

Buildings and concrete structures are subject to a lot of mechanical stresses, especially in earthquake-prone areas. Having TMT bars with a ribbed design enables the entire structure to get better at load distribution. It means that whenever the structure experiences disruptive mechanical forces, the ribbed TMT bars are able to disperse the stress effectively. Hence, chances of collapses and wear and tear reduce significantly with ribs.

Added Grip

Ribs in a TMT steel bar increase the grip of the concrete structure. During construction, it becomes easier to work with such TMT bars because there are fewer chances of slipping. Moreover, the added grip improves the anchorage between steel and concrete thereby increasing the toughness of the structure manifold. This goes a long way in reducing maintenance costs for the building.

Having said that, most of the popular ribbed bars available in India these days somehow lack a desirable grip. Reliable manufacturers like Kairali produce TMT bars that possess a superior grip to increase the bond strength further.

Types of Ribs

Transverse Ribs

Ribs that are positioned along the transverse plane of the TMT bar are known as transverse ribs. These are concerned with enhancing the concrete bonding by increasing the Ar Value.

Longitudinal Ribs

A similar protrusion that runs parallel to the vertical axis of the TMT steel bar is known as the longitudinal rib. It does not have a significant impact on steel-concrete bond strength.

Important Parameters of Ribs That You Must Know

Rib Spacing

The distance between the centers of two consecutive ribs is known as rib spacing. It is a parallel distance measured from the axis of a steel bar. Since a concrete structure has several high force areas, therefore, for proper reinforcement close rib spacing is considered ideal.

Rib Height

The distance between the highest point of a rib and the surface of its core is called rib height or depth. A considerable rib depth is essential to ensure that the depth to thickness ratio is within ideal limits. Ideally, rib height should not be more than 3 times the concrete thickness.

Rib Inclination

The angle between the axis of a transverse rib and the vertical axis of the entire TMT bar is known as rib inclination. As per research,the Best TMT Bars are those in which the rib inclination angle ranges between 40-105°. This inclination is important to ensure that there is no displacement between the steel and the concrete.

Ribbed TMT Bars- Make the Right Choice

Ribs are an integral part of any TMT bar which directly influence the strength of the final structure. Choosing a trusted brand or manufacturer is important to ensure that the design, quality, and geometry of the ribs are planned and executed scientifically.

Kairali TMT Bars are considered the gold standard when it comes to ribbed bars, and are the number one choice of builders not just in Kerala but all across South India today. Kairali steel bars incorporate advanced rib designs with added depth and closer spacing for higher yield strength and better grip in concrete. In all, these ribbed TMT bars are the single-pronged reinforcement solution that your building requires.

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