TMT Steel Bar weight calculator comes in handy when civil contractors, engineers, or architects ask builders or owners to get a particular quantity of TMT steel bars for construction. 

The requirement for steel bars might be in the number of rods (pieces), the number of bundles (kg) or metric tons (mt) as it is the most recommended method by engineers and contractors.

“TMT steel bars are available from 8mm to 32mm as the requirements for the size also vary depending on the application and structure of the building.”  

Points to keep in mind about TMT steel bar weight

  • The length of the TMT Steel Bar is 12 meters in general standard.
  • Weight Tolerance of TMT steel bars is IS 1786:2008 as per IS guidelines.
  • The different sizes (diameter) of TMT steel bars produced are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm.
  • The TMT steel bars are generally calculated in kilogram, ton, or quintal (1 Quinta = 100 kg, 1 Ton = 1000 kg).

Kairali TMT Steel Bars Weight Chart  

Please refer to the Weight Chart table below for a basic understanding of how the weight of TMT steel bars is calculated for different diameters of TMT steel bars:

Size MM Bis Standard KG/MTR. Kairali Values Kg/Mtr.
min avg max
8 0.367 0.395 0.423 0.375 TO 0.400
10 0.574 0.617 0.660 0.580 TO 0.620
12 0.844 0.888 0.932 0.850 TO 0.910
16 1.501 1.580 1.659 1.510 TO 1.600
20 2.396 2.470 2.544 2.400 TO 2.510
25 3.734 3.856 3.964 3.750 TO 3.910
28 4.685 4.830 4.975 4.700 TO 4.900
32 6.121 6.310 6.499 6.184 TO 6.436

Weight Chart of TMT Bars per Bundle

TMT Steel Bar Size in mmLength of TMT Steel Bar (Meter)TMT Steel Bar pieces per bundle (No.s)Total Weight of TMT Steel Bar bundle (Kg)
8 121045 Kg
1012748.72 Kg
12 12551 Kg
16 12354.36 Kg
20 12257.6 Kg
25 12145 Kg
28 12156.4 Kg
32 12174.21 Kg

TMT Steel Bar Weight Conversion Calculator


What is the Formula to Calculate the Weight of Steel Bar?

The formula for weight of steel bar is W=D2L/162.
W= Weight of the TMT Steel Bars
D= Diameter of TMT Steel Bar in Millimetre (mm)
L= Length of TMT Steel Bar in Meter (m)
For example, the weight of a steel bar with 60m length and 12 mm diameter will be,
If we substitute the variables of the weight of steel bars formula, the calculation would be:
W=122 x 60/162=53kgs

What’s the Typical Steel Bar Weight?

The weight of steel bar varies according to its diameter and length of it. Typically, 8mm and 1m TMT steel bars would weigh between 0.375 & 0.400.

How Do You Calculate Steel Bar Weight Per Meter?

The formula for weight of steel bar per meter is W=D21/162
For example, if it’s an 8mm steel bar, the formula would be 821/162, which equals 0.395 kgs.

What is the Unit for Weight of Steel Bar?

TMT steel bar weight is typically denoted in kilograms (kgs), Tonne (T or Ton) and Pounds (lbs).