From Home to Dams, TMT Steel Bars have undoubtedly become a preeminent material for the construction process of every building structure. 

With the increased demand for TMT steel bars in the market, It is crucial to keep the information handy from trusted manufacturers of TMT steel bars to avoid being subjected to fraudulent practices. Best quality TMT steel bars possess features such as corrosion and rust resistance for increased lifetime etc. 

Let us look at different grades of TMT Steel Bars and how they differ in their applications.

TMT Steel Bar Grades Manufactured in India

Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 are the four different types of TMT steel bar grades produced by TMT steel bar manufacturers in India. 

The different grades of the steel bar indicate its strength and rigidity factors. The number denoted the force that needs to be applied in order to deform or modify the steel bars for various purposes.

Smaller grades of bars are used for small constructions such as homes whereas the higher grades are used for heavy construction such as multistory buildings, bridges and even dams etc. 

Higher grades of TMT steel bars are also used for building the core of structures for strong flooring, roofs etc. Railing and other decorative structures are built with smaller grades of steel bars as they do not demand high strength and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

One would require different grades of TMT steel bars for different areas of applications while constructing a building. 

Grades of TMT Steel Bars & Its Applications  

  • FE 415 GRADE

Fe 415 grade TMT steel bars possess higher elongation properties and are economically feasible making them the best choice for small constructions. They are preferred for areas prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes. It comes with corrosion resistant properties.

  • FE 500 GRADE

Fe-500 grade TMT steel bars are known for their versatility making them the ideal choice for underground constructions and multi-story buildings. They have good stability and elasticity and provide high seismic security from earthquakes and other natural calamities.

  • FE 550 GRADE

Fe-500 grade TMT steel bars have higher tensile strength and are put into applications where Fe-500 grade becomes a little difficult to manage. Examples of Fe-550 grade applications are marine constructions.  

  • FE 600 GRADE

FE 600 grade TMT steel bars have the highest Tensile to yield strength, ductility and elongation compared to all other grades of  TMT steel bars. This grade of TMT steel bars comes into use for heavy constructions that require maximum strength and durability that lasts for a lifetime and withstand harsh weather conditions and earthquakes. 

Different Grades of TMT Steel Bars provided by Kairali TMT

We are committed to bringing the best quality TMT steel bars to our loyal customers through a cutting-edge manufacturing process. Different types of TMT steel bars provided by TMT steel bars are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550 and Fe-600. Reach out to our TMT steel bar experts to decide on which TMT steel bar to choose for your dream construction to ensure its strength and durability.


Difference between FE 500 & FE 500D?

500 and 500D in Fe-500 and Fe-500D denoted the minimum yield strength of each steel bar respectively. Fe500D TMT bars have greater ductile strength than the Fe500 TMT bars even though the tensile strength remains unchanged. The Fe500D can be deformed easily by undergoing stress compared to Fe-500.

How many grades of steel bars are there?

There are 4 grades of TMT steel bars available in the Indian Market. Fe-415, Fe-500, FE-550, Fe-600 are them.

Which grade in steel bar is best?

Different grades of steel bars serve different purposes. It is classified based on its strength and ductility. It is wiser to get the opinion of TMT steel bars expert to decide on which steel bar is the most favourable for your construction purpose. 

What is TMT bar grade?

Different grades of TMT steel bar grades available are Fe-415, Fe-500, FE-550 and Fe-600. Fe stands for Iron and the number followed by it indicates its ductility power which means the amount of stress required to bend the bar into different shapes. Higher the number, higher the grade and therefore stronger TMT steel bars.

Which grade is used for home construction?

Fe-415 is the economically feasible and common choice of home construction. But if you wish to make your house extra secure and safe from seismic conditions, we recommend Fe-500 grades for home construction.

Which grade is used for heavy construction?

The higher the grade, the stronger the TMT steel bars are. For heavy construction, It is wise to only choose the higher grade of TMT steel bars such as Fe-600 because here, we are looking for construction that stays durable for a lifetime and withstands harsh weather conditions.