Building materials are the pillars of construction. They decide the strength and durability of a structure. Hence, a little carelessness when buying materials can cost you heavily.

Choosing the right material is essential, and there are a lot of mistakes people make while choosing them, which becomes a factor of great regret in the future.

Here are some common mistakes people tend to make while purchasing building materials.

  1. Compromising Quality Over Price

Price is a crucial factor we all consider while purchasing building materials, but do we always check the quality? In fact, most people focus on saving money, leaving behind the quality. This is a mistake. 

Compromising on the quality to save money can cost you a lot since low-quality products are prone to damage in the long run. 

Therefore, always ensure you check the quality of the material. For instance, if you require TMT Steel Bars, you can get quality ones from us. Kairali TMT offers you the best TMT steel bar with no compromise on quality.

Even if you are going for low cost house construction, ensure you are getting value for the money you spend.

  1. Not Buying From a Reputed Company

No matter what material you are buying, always approach a trusted company that has a sound reputation in the field. 

For processes as vital as construction, relying on products from experts is the best choice. This guarantees that you are getting top-quality materials. Moreover, such brands can give you expert advice on what and how much to buy depending on your requirements. 

For example, if you need TMT Steel Bars, you can approach us without thinking twice. We have a legacy of 125 years of proving high-quality TMT Steel Bars. 

  1. Consider the Climate of Your Place

It’s vital to keep the climate condition of your place whenever you purchase building materials. As you might already know, this is because some materials won’t perform at their best in certain weather conditions.  

For example, the humid characteristic of a place can reduce the life of the material you use. Some materials can warp or bend in certain weather conditions. 

Therefore, ensure you are buying the materials that are apt for the climate condition of your building’s region. 

  1. Consider the Availability

Always, ensure that the supplier has enough materials you require for the whole construction. This is something we often neglect. 

When you don’t do that, you are likely to run out of materials in the middle of the construction process. And, if there is no stock at that time, the trouble will double. 

  1. Opt for Bulk Purchases

Most of us eye on cutting down the cost as much as possible, don’t we?

If you are one of those people who want to reduce the cost of your construction, the best bet is to buy materials in bulk. 

Buying in bulk can potentially bring the cost down when compared with buying multiple times. 

Hence, if you are wondering how to reduce construction cost, this would be a great option.


Long story short, making the mistakes mentioned above when buying materials can land you in trouble in the long run. Never compromise quality for the price, always buy from a reputed supplier, consider the climate of your place when buying a material, always ensure the availability of materials and buy in bulk. When using steel bar it is very important to use it according to the bar bending schedule and with the help of experts you do the calculation for bar bending schedule for  beam.

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