It is crucial to use high-quality materials for construction and TMT steel bars are one of them. 

TMT steel bars are the backbone of solid structures. They can even provide strength to withstand natural calamities and external stresses.

In this blog, we are going to see the types of calamities TMT steel bars can withstand and how they do so. 

Let’s dive in.

Safety Against Fire

As we know, fire is the most damaging disaster that might happen. They can cause significant damage to a structure. 

So, how can TMT steel bars withstand damage from the fire?

TMT steel bars come with high thermal capacity and this lets them withstand temperatures from 450 degrees to 600 degrees, making them fire-resistant and a perfect material for buildings. 

Safety Against Rain

When a material has prolonged exposure to water, it tends to corrode. Corrosion is an aspect that is a major threat to construction materials. 

However, TMT Bars provide protection against humid environments, in areas of excess humidity such as beaches, and coastal areas. During the manufacturing of TMT Bars, they instil high corrosion resistance in them. Thus, it makes them the ideal materials for home and building construction.

Safety Against Earthquake

We have already looked into safety against Earthquakes in detail in our previous blogs. Earthquakes cause havoc and excess damage to buildings. 

However, TMT Bars offer high resistance to Earthquakes, as they have a pearlite cor, which gives them high ductility with an ability to tolerate high force and loading. These bars also tend to absorb the vibrations caused by earthquakes to an extent, thus minimizing the property loss that is caused.

Safety Against Storms

As we already know, storms are accompanied by strong winds, thereby causing damage to building structures. They also pose a threat to all phases of construction. 

As TMT Bars provide high strength and can tolerate dynamic loading, it is used universally due to this. They are a reliable and cost-effective solution for low-cost house construction, as their immense strength can protect against strong winds and storms, and ensure that the building remains upright during construction.

Why Kairali TMT Bars Are the Best Choice Against Natural Disasters?

Kairali TMT Bars’ excellent tensile strength helps to withstand damages caused due to earthquakes. While using steel for construction it is important to use a Bar bending schedule and you can get help from experts to make a bar bending schedule for beam and slabs. The perfectly set qualities of Kairali TMT Bars make them corrosion-resistant and earthquake resistant. The high ductility of bars makes them bendable up to 180% without being broken. We also know how to reduce construction cost using TMT bars in the long run. All these are possible because we use EQR German Technology for manufacturing our TMT steel bars.